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Hitz Imaging provides photographic and printing solutions, as well as being a principle supplier of Conqueror paper, card and envelopes

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Product Photography and Photo Editing

Whether you need 1 product photo or 100 products photographed we can help. And if you have already taken the pictures yourself, we have plenty of photo editing options to help save you time. Our budget friendly pricing means you only pay for the service you need. Please E-Mail or call 01488 668 661 to discuss your requirements.
Photo Editing Newbury

Scroll down the page to see our sensibly priced solutions to help get your images seen by the world. Whether you need fresh photographs of your products, or have already taken the pictures yourself, we can help. We provide a complete editing service, whether you require your photographs ready for web use such as blogs, your website, Wordpress, eBay, Amazon, Facebook or printed applications such as brochures; all images will be edited to your requirements.

Photo Editing

We can edit and prepare for web or print photographs taken by you and where you or your company own the copyright. If you have a few images - you can email them to us. If you have a lot of images - it is better to use a cloud based sharing service.
Photo Editing Newbury

Please E-Mail to discuss your individual requirements, but use the prices below as a guide

1 - 25 Images £1.25 per image

26 - 50 Images £1 per image

51 - 75 Images 90p per image

75 - 100 Images 80p per image

100+ Images POA

The prices above include White Balance, Tone, Curves/Levels/Brightness and Contrast adjustments, plus image sharpness or selective blurring (depth of field) techniques according to your requirements. Requirements can differ from image to image for no extra cost. If you require airbrushing, extraction or cloning/patchwork techniques this can be done for an extra fee.

Turnaround times for image editing are approx 24-48 hours depending on quantity and what we are asked to do.


If you only have a few images you can E-Mail your images to us. If you have a lot we recommend you use a Cloud Based file sharing service, or post an SD Card to us with your images on. E-mailing is also the best option if you want us to provide a quote in the first instance.

PLEASE NOTE: It is a condition of using this service that you retain original "master" copies of your photographs.

Photography At Your Place or Our Place?

If you require photographs to be taken of your items or products, we can bring our equipment to you, or you can provide us with the items that need photographing. Please note it is your responsibility to insure your items and pay for any transit costs. If you are local we may be able to collect your items.
Photo Editing Newbury

Please E-Mail to discuss your individual requirements, but use the prices below as a guide

If you only have a small batch of items - we can do a fixed fee shoot from £25

If we visit your place of work/office to take the photos: £45 per hour.

If we photo your products in our studio: £30 per hour.

Estate agency / house / office or unit photography: From £30 per hour.

If we are required to travel to an outdoor location the cost is from £65 per hour.

If you would like us to edit your images post-shoot see our "Photo Editing Guide Price" section above for costs.