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Curious Metallics 120gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm + Envelopes

NEW and IMPROVED Curious Metallics range with brand new metallic tints for 2019! Favourites like Europa Ivory, Ice Gold, Lustre and Cryogen White are joined by new tints including: Aquamarine, Aloe, Iceberg, Electric Blue plus much more!

New sections are dedicated to ordering samples and lower or higher quantities, so that you can see for yourself this exciting range of 120gsm paper, 250gsm and 300gsm card plus DL Wallet, DL Pocket, C5 and Square Envelopes. If you need unique, avant-garde stationery? You have found it!

Curious Metallics 120gsm paper, 250gsm card, 300gsm card, DL Envelopes

Curious Metallics 120gsm Samples - FREE Delivery

With NEW fantastic tints for 2019 - use this section if you require Curious Metallic 120gsm Samples.

Use the menu to see and choose your metallic tint. Choose either A4 or A5 samples, you get 2 sheets of each tint you buy.

Scroll down the page to order higher quantities of 120gsm paper, card and DL, C5 and Square Metallic envelopes.

Curious Metallics 120gsm A4 Paper (25,50,75)

Only need small packs of 25, 50 or 75 A4 Sheets? Use this section. Need higher quantities? Scroll down a bit further. (Metallic effect is on both sides).

BEST FOR PRINTING: Cryogen White, Ice Gold, Ice Silver, Lustre, Virtual Pearl and Europa Ivory

USE OTHER TINTS FOR: Die stamping and Die cutting and graphics. 120gsm also works well as page inserts in Order of Service and Greetings Cards.

Curious Metallics 120gsm A4 Paper (100 +)

Use this section if you require 100 A4 sheets and higher. Use the menus to choose your tint and quantity.

Curious Metallics 250gsm A4 Card

Beautiful 250gsm Metallic A4 medium weight card. The effect is to both sides. Use the menus to choose your quantity and tint.

Inkjet Printers should be able to print on 250gsm. Europa Ivory, Ice Gold, Ice Silver, Virtual Pearl and Cryogen White all give great results.

250gsm can be Die-Cut, Die-Stamped, Embossed, and accepts foils and hand-drawn graphics.

NOTE: Cryogen White, Virtual Pearl and Europa Ivory are 240gsm.

Curious Metallics 300gsm A4 Card

Use this section for samples and smaller packs of 25 and 50. Scroll down the page for higher quantities of 300gsm.

A stunning range of thick, luxurious 300gsm Curious Metallic A4 card.

Some Inkjet Printers might be able to accept 300gsm card - test if you are unsure.

300gsm Metallic card is great for Die-Cutting, Die-Stamping, Embossing and Foiling on Wedding Stationery and Invitations etc.

Curious Metallics 300gsm A4 Card

Metallic 300gsm sheets - higher quantities of 75 A4 sheets and above.

Curious Metallics DL, C5 and Square Envelopes

Curious Metallics DL Wallet Envelopes

If you are sending wedding or party invitations it helps to have some matching Curious Metallic envelopes to go with them!

Dimensions: Height: 110mm. Length: 220mm. Thickness of paper: 120gsm. Peal and Seal

Use the menus to see the colours and make your choices.

Curious Metallics DL Pocket Envelopes

DL Pocket envelopes - where the envelope flap is on the shortest side of the envelope. These envelopes look good with Die-Stamps, Embossing and Wax Seals.

Dimensions: 220 x 110mm - the flap is on the 110mm edge. Thickness of paper: 120gsm. Peal and Seal

Use the menus to see the colours and make your choices.

Curious Metallics C5 Envelopes

Bigger C5 Envelopes can accomodate A4 folded invitations, A5 Order of Service Booklets and A5 Invitations. Beautifully made they will make the perfect finishing touch to any invitation and respond well to Die-Stamping, Embossing, Foiling and Wax Seals.

Dimensions: Height: 169mm. Length: 229mm. Thickness of paper: 120gsm. Peal and Seal.

Curious Metallics 170mm Square Envelopes

Measuring 170mm x 170mm these square Curious Metallic envelopes are perfect for RSVP's and square format party invitations. Peal and Seal.

Perfect for Die-Stamping, Foils, Embossing and bespoke Wax Seals.


Explore NEW Curious Metallics shades and tints for 2019. The perfect, premium choice for the very best Wedding and Party Invitations.

Curious Metallics expand on the Conqueror Iridescent range also offered by Arjo Wiggins Creative Papers. However, the Curious Metallics range is much bigger and the metallic effect is generally more pronounced. Despite the name they do not contain any metallic particles.

Curious Metallics are suitable for Offset Lithography, Screen Printing and Desktop Inkjet printing. (Some Laser printers may accept 120gsm Paper)

Curious Metallics Paper, Card and Envelopes all accept and are perfect for Die-Cutting, Die-Stamping, Embossing, Foiling, hand-drawn art and graphic transfers.