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Curious Alchemy 120gsm paper, 300gsm card + Envelopes

Part of the Curious Collection by Arjowiggins Creative Papers; Alchemy is brand new for 2019. Due to innovations in paper technology Curious Alchemy offers beautiful Silver (Ag), Titanium (Ti), Gold (Au), Copper (Cu) and Platinum (Pt) finishes.See Range Chart Below.

Curious Alchemy Color Chart

The Curious Alchemy chart showcases this exciting new range of 120gsm paper, 300gsm card and 160mm square peal and seal envelopes, all with a hammered finish which attempts to recreate the look of hammered metal. Further details/help: 01488 668 661 or by Live Chat / E-mail

Curious Alchemy 120gsm A4 Paper

Available in 5 glorious hammered metal finishes: Gold, Silver, Copper, Titanium and Platinum. Suitable for die-stamping and cutting. You can write on the paper. It can be embossed. Unwatermarked. The metal finish is on both sides. Choose your quantity and tint from the menus below.

Curious Alchemy 300gsm A4 Card

A beautiful 300gsm A4 heavy weight card. Designed for wedding brochure covers, RSVP, Invitations, Order of Service etc. The metal finish is to both sides. The card is unwatermarked. It can be embossed, Die-Cut and Stamped. Simply choose your Quantity followed by the hammered metal finish from the menu below.

Curious Alchemy 160mm x 160mm Square Envelopes

Present wedding and party invitations in style with these Curious Alchemy 160mm Square Peal and Seal Envelopes. The hammered metallic finish is to all sides of the envelope. Made from 120gsm thick paper. They can be Die Cut, Die Stamped and embossed.

Curious Collection Alchemy


Die Stamping: Curious Alchemy can easily be die stamped.

Lamination: You can laminate Alchemy - but the unique Hammered effect/feel will be compromised.

Hot Foil Stamping: Curious Alchemy easily accepts hot foil stamping.

Die Cutting: This range can easily be Die Cut. Laser cutting may result in some scorching.

Creasing and Folding: For best results pre-crease.

Binding: You can bind Curious Alchemy using hotmelt or water based adhesives.

Digital Printing Presses: The range provides very good print quality on digital presses / dry toner.

Desktop Laser Printers: Some laser printers might be able to accept Curious Alchemy 120gsm but pre-testing is required.

Desktop Inkjet: Most modern desktop inkjets should give good print results on this range - pre-testing may be required.

Offset Printers: A screen of 133-150 lpi should be used. Increase blanket pressure slightly for best results. Both UV and Oxidising inks can be used. Protect paper and card from sudden environmental changes.


Although this range offers beautiful metal like finishes the paper, card and envelopes do not contain ground metals and are not foiled in any way.

If you need information, prices for quantities and sizes not listed above, or to request samples, please contact us: 01488 668 661 or by E-mail