Conqueror 350gsm Thick Card (A4 Unwatermarked)

At 350gsm this is our thickest card for crafting and wedding stationery. Thick card for invitations, diy business cards, postcards and diy greetings cards. Conqueror's 350gsm is a good cardstock weight for invitations - especially when they are required to stand up on wedding tables or be robust enough to be handled throughout the day. Indeed some of our customers will only use this thickness of cardstock for their wedding inviations.

TEXTURES: CX22 Ultra Smooth, Textured Laid, and Smooth Wove

TINTS: Diamond White, Brilliant White or High White


Conqueror Concept Iridescent 350gsm (A4 Unwatermarked)

Creating bespoke wedding stationery? Looking for what card to use for wedding invitations? Look no further. Available in 4 beautiful iridescent tints that shimmer and react to the light, Conqueror concept iridescent will provide all the inspiration you need.

Silica Blue - a white base with a subtle iridescent sparkle

Silver Mist - a light blue base with a misty iridescence

Golden Haze - a light yellow base with a golden haze iridescence

Gold Dust - a white base with speckles of gold iridescence




You can request free printed samples to check any Conqueror paper, card or envelope. In addition we have a bespoke cutting, creasing or folding service, which can be added to any order. And finally, if you are thinking of making your own Wedding stationery, why not let us help? We provide FREE printed samples of your design on any Conqueror paper or card under no obligation. Contact Us